Amnesty International (AI) called Three freedoms campaign for Burma

I just took action to defend the three freedoms in Burma.
You should too.
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Stand with the people of Burma
Dear Minister,
Later this year, Myanmar will hold elections for the first time in two decades. However, the human rights situation in the run-up to the polls remains grim. More than 2,200 political prisoners, many of them prisoners of conscience, continue to languish behind bars in Myanmar. Under Electoral Laws enacted in March, none of them can take part in the elections.
I therefore urge your Government, as a member of ASEAN, to work with all ASEAN states to uphold the binding principles of the ASEAN charter, for "respect for fundamental freedoms, the promotion and protection of human rights, and social justice", by pressing the Myanmar government to:
  • Release immediately and unconditionally all prisoners of conscience arrested solely on the basis of their peaceful political activity, ethnicity, or religion.
  • Ensure that all people in Myanmar can enjoy the "Three Freedoms" of expression, peaceful assembly, and association throughout the elections period and beyond it.
ASEAN has a key role to play to bringing these long-overdue human rights improvements to Myanmar.
Thank you for your attention.
Yours faithfully,
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Your letter will be translated into 9 languages and emailed to the 9 foreign ministers of 9 ASEAN nations.
Burma's official name is Myanmar. That's why we are using it in the letter being sent to the foreign ministers.

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