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Pope names first Australian saintAustralian pilgrims wave flags in St Peters Square at the Vatican (17 Oct 2010)

Pope Benedict XVI officially recognises Australia's first saint, Mary MacKillop, a Melbourne-born nun who worked with needy children.
Merkel: Multicultural society has failed

German attempts to build a multicultural society have "utterly failed", Chancellor Merkel says, telling immigrants to learn German to integrate.

NLD and Ethnic Leaders Tour Kachin State

Senior members of the National League for Democracy and a prominent ethnic leader are traveling in Kachin State to meet with local party members and lobby for a boycott of next month's election.

New Intelligence Chief Undertakes Major Overhaul

Maj-Gen Kyaw Swe, the new head of Burma's military intelligence agency, seeks to make it a more efficient tool of the ruling regime.

Suu Kyi: Reject 'Unfair' Elections

Burma's detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has advised people to register their discontent at the upcoming elections, which her disbanded party is boycotting as unfair and undemocratic.

Farmers Fight for Their Land in Kachin State

600 farmers in Kachin State, who were displaced when their land was confiscated by the Yuzana Company, have vowed to fight through the courts to win back their farms.

Junta Calls KIA “Insurgents”

The junta is ratcheting up tension with the Kachin Independent Army by calling them “insurgents” in state-run media.

Cartoon Campaign Ridicules The Generals
Cartoons by Irawaddy cartoonist Harn Lay are reaching Burma's electorate through a special distribution campaign.

Who Cares if the Election is 'Free and Fair'?

Burma's rulers certainly don't, and the international community has given them little reason to feel otherwise.
Special feature series: What is a ‘free and fair’ election?assk-0ct15s(Special Report) In one of its opening salvoes against the Burmese junta’s elections this year, the country...
Independents on foot after TV, radio access denied
phone-win-sIndependent candidates are being forced to settle for distributing leaflets in their campaigning amid a ban ...

Kachin armed ceasefire group embarks on drug offensive
kio_thumb(Interview) The main ethnic Kachin ceasefire group is set to crack down on drug users and traffickers after ...

Young voters ill-informed of choices for election day
Minimal canvassing and leafleting by political parties, as well as a lack of media coverage on ...

USDP signboards vandalised with red paint in Pegu town
usdp-signboard-painted-sSignboards belonging to Burma’s main junta-backed political party were vandalised with red paint in Pegu ..
New initiative reignites Burma tourism debate thumbnail

New initiative reignites Burma tourism debate

Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos to join hands in promoting 'Four Countries: One Destination' but the pro-boycott lobby stands strong
Burma has ‘one doctor for every 8000 prisoners’ thumbnail


Burma has ‘one doctor for every 8000 prisoners’

Prison department official says that only 109 medical staff are assigned to the country's 43 prisons and 100-odd labour camps
Indonesia urged to back war crimes probe thumbnail Indonesia urged to back war crimes probe
Southeast Asia's largest democracy hailed as model for Burma's transition and possible trend-setter if it backs UN inquiry

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