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Mumbai Prepares for Obama Arrival

The president is starting a three day visit to India aimed at deepening economic, trade and security ties.
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Obama export drive on India tourBirds fly past a billboard depicting US President Barack Obama in Mumbai

US President Barack Obama arrives in India for the first leg of an Asian tour, with hopes of boosting US exports and creating jobs.

Ai WeiweiChina artist 'under house arrest'

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei says he has been placed under house arrest to prevent him holding a party to mark the destruction of his Shanghai studio.

"Speak Up on Burma"

Ahead of Burma polls, ex-First Lady Laura Bush asks the world to speak up on the absence of reforms in that country.
Fraud allegations ignored by election body thumbnail

Fraud allegations ignored by election body

Democratic Party Myanmar says that three complaints of fraudulent behaviour lodged against the PM's party have been ignored
Activists mark second vote behind bars thumbnail

Activists mark second vote behind bars

Forty-five political prisoners look set to spend their second elections behind bars as hopes of an amnesty fade
Election authority accused of bias thumbnail

Election authority accused of bias

Arakan opposition party claims a complaint made to the Election Commission about the USDPs continued campaigning was ignored
Engagement, US economy front Obama’s Asia trip
Obama-sAs Burmese go to the polls on Sunday, US President Barack Obama will be in the middle of a 10-day ...
Ethnic alliance marches towards a ‘federal army’
kkkSix armed ethnic groups that formed an alliance this week against the Burmese Army amid fears of ...
Noted film director, 58 succumbs to liver disease
Obama-sProminent Burmese movie director Tin Than Oo, 58, who made the controversial movie Lotus Blooming ...UN commission of inquiry goal sees fresh setback
UN-LOGOThe realisation of a UN commission of inquiry into crimes against humanity in Burma took another hit ...
British envoy: junta elections defy all EU fairness criteria
heyn-sOfficially, the British government is taking a “wait-and-see” posture on the outcome of Burmese elections ...

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