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Tunisia aims to fill power vacuumA Tunisian soldier patrols central Tunis,  16 January

Political leaders in Tunisia launch efforts to end widespread chaos and form a unity government, following the flight of President Ben Ali.

Mohamed Ahmed Hussein on trial in Qena, Egypt (16 Jan 2010)Egyptian to die for Copt murders

An Egyptian man is sentenced to death for killing six Coptic Christians and a Muslim police officer at a Christmas mass in January 2010.
Military draft ‘could spark exodus’ thumbnail

Military draft ‘could spark exodus’

New law may trigger brain drain as prospect of mandatory military service could potentially cause young Burmese to flee the country Mon ethnic armies reunite thumbnail

Mon ethnic armies reunite

Two ceasefire groups join together in another show of unity amongst Burma's multiple ethnic armies as pressure from the junta intensifies
Suu Kyi fights for party’s existence thumbnail

Suu Kyi fights for party’s existence

Opposition leader takes appeal over dissolution of National League for Democracy to Burma's top court in Naypyidaw

Than Shwe Chooses Next President—Himself

Snr-Gen Than Shwe has reportedly drawn up a draft outlining his lineup for the new Parliament—with himself as president.

NGOs, INGOs in Burma to Pay Withholding Tax

NGOs and INGOs must first report to the Internal Revenue Dept and pay tax each time they wish to distribute aid to victims.

Will Tavoy be Burma’s Shenzhen?

Burma's rulers think they can replicate China's economic success by creating a special economic zone in Tavoy, but there are many reasons to doubt that they can pull it off.

US Seeks Positive US-China Ties

Declaring that US-China relations are at a "critical juncture," the Obama administration challengeS Beijing to adopt political reforms to guarantee human rights while holding out hope that the Asian power will grow to be a top trade and security partner.

People Power Succeeds Without Western Backing

Most of the reaction from other Western powers has been that they are "concerned" about the events and that they want their citizens there pulled out, and others warned against travel to Tunisia.
Ethnics Seek Vice-President Nomination
Six ethnic political parties are meeting to discuss a unified approach in calling for equality and self-determination, as well as nominating a candidate for vice-president in the new Parliament.
Burmese Bank Rumored on Verge of Bankruptcy
Cooperative Bank, Burma's second-largest privately owned financial institution, appears to be close to collapse due to a business dispute involving a top general and a regime crony.
Chin party drafts first parliamentary bill
cnp-logo-s1sThe chairman of the Chin National Party, Pu Zozam, said that its first parliamentary bills have been ...

No bias in privatisation please: NUP
nup-party-logoThe National Unity Party (NUP) said that there should be no bias in the privatisation of state-owned ...

Burmese Music festival planned for Malaysia, Singapore
lazy-club-festival-1sMalaysia-based Maha Nan Restaurant will present a ‘Stars of the Century’ music festival in Malaysia and ...

Supreme Court agrees to hear NLD dissolution appeal
nld-flag-s1Burma’s Supreme Court in Naypyidaw on Thursday agreed to hear the National League for ...

NUP seeks political alliances in Parliament
nup-22nd-anniversary2s1sThe National Unity Party (NUP), winner of the second highest number of parliamentary seats in ...

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