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Pro-government supporters break into the summit venue in Pattaya, 11 April.
A summit of Asian leaders in Thailand is cancelled after anti-government protesters break into the venue.

Somali pirates holding a US captain hostage warn that the use of force to rescue him could result in "disaster".

The US state of California returns three Renaissance paintings confiscated from Jewish art dealers in Nazi Germany.

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Sat. 11 Apr 2009 0604 UTC

Protesters Force Cancellation of ASEAN Summit in Thailand

The protesters are calling for Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to step down and call new elections

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General Petreaus says progress made in Iraq may be less fragile and more durable than he had estimated six months ago

Somali Pirates Send More Ships to Area of Standoff with US

Officials say bandits, who are holding Captain Richard Phillips aboard lifeboat are apparently trying to use other hostages as shields


5 US Soldiers, 2 Iraqi Police Killed in Bombing

Single largest loss of American life in Iraq in more than a year


US Military: 32 Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan

Coalition statement says two of the clashes occurred Thursday in provinces of Helmand, Uruzgan

US President Barack Obama comments on economy after meeting at White House, 10 Apr 2009

Obama: US Economy Shows 'Glimmers of Hope' Audio Clip Available Video clip available

US president says economy remains under severe stress, administration has a lot of work to do to restore gr
Japan should ‘reinvigorate’ Burma policy

Apr 11, 2009 (DVB)–Japan should make human rights a foreign policy priority and focus attention on abuses by the Burmese regime, said a leading human rights organization in an open letter to the Japanese prime minister this week. - more

Bangladesh to Seek Foreign Help with Gas Exploration


By By Tun Kyaw: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced on Wednesday that Bangladesh needs foreign assistance with offshore gas exploration and developing infrastructure for hydroelectric and solar power.full story

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NCGUB's East Timor trip and plans on transition

(Interview) A National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) delegation led by Prime Minister Dr. Sein Win recently visited East Timor as part of i...

NLD to hold nation-wide party meeting

Burma’s chief opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), has called for a nation-wide party meeting, in a bid to discuss the ruling military junta’s Constitution

Chin rebels willing to continue peace talks

The Chin National Front (CNF), an ethnic rebel group, has said it is ready for another round of peace talks with Burma's military junta, but that the government has so...

KNU braces for peace talks

For more than 60 years the Karen National Union (KNU) and Burma’s ruling military junta have been at war. Now, after a hiatus of 14 years, the two sides are...

Thailand stands ready to assist in Burma’s reconciliation

Thailand has said it is ready to assist Burma in its process of political reconciliation, airing the position during the 15th anniversary of the Council of Asian Liberal Democracy (CALD)...

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