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US marine in Main Poshteh, Afghanistan(02/07/09)
The US military says it has begun a large operation against the Taliban in the southern Afghan province of Helmand.

An Indian court rules that homosexual intercourse between consenting adults is not a criminal act, overturning colonial law.

The world's largest cat is down to an effective wild population of fewer than 35 individuals, new research has found.

US Marines move in formation through farm fields after landing by helicopter in overnight air assault near Taliban stronghold of Nawa, Helmand province, 2 Jul 2009
Thu. 02 Jul 2009 0407 UTC

US Launches Massive Offensive in Afghanistan

About 4,000 US Marines descend on Taliban strongholds in south, in first major operation under President Barack Obama's new strategy to stabilize country

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Pakistani officials collect evidence at scene of explosion in Peshawar, 2 Jul 2009

5 Killed in Rawalpindi, Pakistan Suicide Blast

Elsewhere, roadside bomb just outside Peshawar killed two police officers, at least four wounded

Iraqi security forces secure site of roadside bomb attack in Baghdad, 02 Jul 2009

At Least 3 Killed in Baghdad Bombings

Authorities say roadside bomb struck Iraqi army patrol killing soldier, eight others wounded

Saddam Trial in Iraq eng 195 14feb06

FBI Releases Details of 2004 Talks with Saddam Hussein

Former Iraqi dictator said he allowed the world to believe he had weapons of mass destruction because he did not want to appear weak to Iran

S. Korean chief delegate Kim Young-tak, before leaving Kaesong at transit office in Paju, near border village of the Panmunjom,  02 Jul 2009

North Korea Fires Short Range Missiles as Talks With South Sputter Audio Clip Available

Pyongyang apparently launched several short range missiles into ocean even as South Korean delegates were making their journey back from North's territory

Ban Ki-moon Will Meet NLD Representatives

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will meet representatives of Burma’s opposition National League for Democracy during his two-day visit to Burma, beginning on Friday.

ETimor Prime Minister Embroiled in Contract Scandal

Pressure to resign is mounting on East Timor's Prime Minster, Xanana Gusamo, amid claims that he misused authority when he signed-off on a multi-million dollar government contract last year to a company his daughter has ties with.

Looking in a Broken Mirror

The recent DKBA campaign to take KNLA Brigade 7 has forced Karens to look at one other face to face in the battlefield, in refugee camps and in hospitals.

Burmese Injured in Malaysian Camp Riots

Burmese inmates at a Malaysian immigration camp were beaten and injured after rioting in protest at camp authorities’ treatment of fellow detainees.

Journalist Quarantined after Interviewing Swine Flu Patient

Burmese Health Ministry officials have quarantined a journalist who interviewed a 13-year-old girl diagnosed with the H1N1 “swine flu” virus at Rangoon General Hospital.

US Ban Related to N Korea-Burma Arms Deal

The US has imposed sanctions on a North Korean company, Namchongang Trading Corp, which allegedly supplied Burma with arms technology.

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

Will Ban Ki-moon’s trip to Burma be fruitful?

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General will visit Burma on Friday. And during his two-day stay, Ban has sought a meeting with Nobel Peace Laureate Aung S...

TCG urges donors to shore up support for cyclone survivors

The tripartite Core Group is urging donors to contribute US$ 157 million for rebuilding schools in cyclone-hit Irrawaddy delta of Burma. The TCG, formed with the United Nations,...

Camp plan abandoned, fear of attacks forces rethink

Plans to set up a new refugee camp near the Thailand-Burma border, to cope with the influx into Thailand of over 3,000 people fleeing fighting in Burma, have been abandoned....

Thai police arrest Burmese forging registration documents

Thai authorities arrested a Rohingya hailing from Burma on Monday for allegedly forging documents for over 7,000 people to work in Thailand. Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation...

UN chief heads for Burma with high hopes and little else

Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary General, is visiting Burma later this week, a year since his last trip there. He will be raising both political and humanitarian issues with......

Karen refugees to be shifted to another camp

About 3000 Karen refugees, who fled to Thailand to escape the Burmese Army’s offensive in eastern Burma, will be shifted to another camp - ‘Tee Nu Koh’ on the Thai-Burma...

Ban reiterates call to release Suu Kyi

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General, ahead of his visit to Burma, on Tuesday reiterated his call to the military junta to release opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and...

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