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President Barack Obama chairs a meeting of the United Nations Security Council at the United Nations headquarters, in New York, 24 Sep 2009
Thu. 24 Sep 2009 1009 UTC

UN Adopts Resolution on Nuclear Weapons

Security Council unanimously approves resolution to increase efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel prepares to brief the media at the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, 24 Sep 2009

Germany Sends Warning Ahead of G20 Summit

Chancellor Merkel says top priority for Group must be regulating financial markets that allowed risky behavior to plunge world into deep recession

A detainee at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba being escorted by two U.S. soldiers (file photo)

Obama Will Not Seek New Legislation on Holding Guantanamo Detainees

Justice Department says it has authority to hold terror suspects indefinitely

US Ambassador to Thailand Eric John (L) with Thailand Minister of Public Health Witthaya Kaewparrdai after press conference in Bangkok, 24 Sep 2009

Researchers: AIDS Vaccine Cuts Infection for First Time

US, Thai officials say experimental vaccine lowers risk of HIV infection reduced by almost a third

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu

China Says Sanctions Won't Deter Iran's Nuclear Agenda

Foreign ministry spokeswoman tells reporters that sanctions, pressure are 'not the way' to solve issue

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (l) and US President Barack Obama at the UN, 24 September 2009
The UN Security Council adopts a resolution calling for nuclear disarmament, in a historic session chaired by the US leader.

An Afghan-born man is charged in New York with conspiring to detonate "weapons of mass destruction" in the US.

The largest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure - 1,500 gold and silver pieces - is discovered buried in a field in central England.

No Big Change Expected in US Policy on Burma

Despite signals of renewed Burmese regime interest in better relations with the US, the Obama administration’s policy is unlikely to undergo much change.


Junta’s 2010 Elections: Loading the Dice

By letting selected politicians prepare for the elections and allowing pro-junta journals to run election related stories before the 2010 election is promulgated, the junta is applying double standards.

US, Burma already in Diplomatic Talks

The US and Burma have already engaged in talks at the diplomatic level for several months, and Burma is expected to name an “interlocutor” to expand contacts soon.

Arrested Dissident Accused of Terrorist Intentions

The Burmese regime’s official newspaper The New Light of Myanmar has accused arrested dissident Nyi Nyi Aung of being a terrorist and planning to create unrest.

A World First: Vaccine Helps Prevent HIV Infection

For the first time, an experimental vaccine has prevented infection with the AIDS virus, a watershed event in the deadly epidemic and a surprising result.

UN Chief Urges Creation of Conditions for Credible 2010 Election

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for the creation of conditions for a credible general election in Burma in 2010.

Thai FM meets Friends of Burma

The Thai Foreign Minister held discussions with the Group of Friends of UNSG on Myanmar. The group wants the general election in 2010 in Burma to be “free”. On Wednesday...

US embassy protests maltreatment of detained citizen

The US embassy in Rangoon has officially protested against the alleged maltreatment of detained American citizen, Kyaw Zaw Lwin (alias) Nyi Nyi Aung, as the Burmese junta...

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

Lame amnesty, creating prison space for dissidents

(Commentary) A more sinister motive than currying favour with the international community on the eve of the opening of the UN General Assembly may be behind Bur...

Granting nationality to Origami boy champion uncertain

The Thai born boy, whose parents are from Burma, has become a role model for stateless children in Thailand after he won prizes at the Origami Airplane Contest in Japan....

Student union history writer freed

Aung Tun, leader of the All Burma Federation of Students Union (ABFSU), who penned the history of the ‘Burmese Student Movement’ was released from Tharyawady prison...

Cry for justice continues for 34 Burmese in Indian jail

As the statements of 34 Arakanese and Karen rebels were finally submitted to a Kolkata court on September 17, Burmese pro-democracy groups continue to proclaim...

Webb discusses US-Burma relations with Nyan Win

US Senator James Webb, known to be a strong advocate of engagement with the Burmese military junta, met visiting Burmese Foreign Minister Nyan Win on Saturday...

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