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Wheels of crashed plane near Smolensk
Poland's President Lech Kaczynski and scores of others are killed as their plane crashes in Russia after hitting trees in foggy weather.
Thai security forces confront red-shirt protesters in Bangkok (10 April 2010) The Turin shroud on display with
Nine people are killed and 300 hurt in clashes in Bangkok, as Thai troops try to retake areas from anti-government protesters.
The Turin Shroud, believed by some Christians to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, goes on public display for the first time in 10 years.
Pope Benedict XVI Mourners hold pictures and the names of the 15 victims being buried at the meorial site in Kyrgyzstan
The Vatican defends the Pope against allegations that he delayed Church action against a US paedophile priest.
Thousands of mourners attend funeral ceremonies for some of the nearly 80 people killed in an

Burma's Watered Down Festival

Thingyan, Burma's traditional New Year's water festival, starts on Wednesday, and Than Shwe's grandson and his friends look set to flaunt the rules—and their status.

Landmine Victims Find Solace at Mae La

The Irrawaddy visits Care Villa, a foundation that looks after Karen landmine victims in Mae La refugee camp.

Weekly Business Roundup (April 10, 2010)

The East European country of Belarus is bidding to develop military weapons sales to Burma following a week-long visit by a high-ranking delegation.

Thai Troops Gear Advance on Protesters

Thai security forces launched a large-scale crackdown Saturday on anti-government demonstrators who have been staging disruptive protests in the Thai capital for the past month.

NLD Takes Than Shwe Lawsuit to Chief Justice

The NLD submits a letter to Burma's chief justice requesting that its previous lawsuit against Than Shwe is dealt with.

One community, one vision; everyone dancing to one tune

Friday, April 9, 2010
Doctor visits Suu Kyi twice in eight days
Burmese democracy icon and Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, was medically ...
Introspection, identity and national reconciliation
(Commentary) In the summer of 2001 a team of missionaries was taken prisoner in Kabul ...
Asean leaders soft on most unruly member
Southeast Asian leaders have urged Burma’s military regime to hold “inclusive” elections ...
Two NLD township leaders freed
Following the completion of their prison terms, the Burmese military junta released ...
Rohingya minority given ID cards thumbnail

Rohingya minority given ID cards

Observers claim the government is looking to secure Rohingya votes prior to elections this year, despite confusion still surrounding their long-term status
ASEAN stops short of criticising elections thumbnail

ASEAN stops short of criticising elections

Southeast Asia grouping sticks to 'non-interference' policy at summit but reportedly "makes suggestions" to Burmese foreign minister Nyan Win

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