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An injured ethnic Uzbek boy in hospital in Osh
Kyrgyzstan appeals to Russia to send troops to restore order in a southern city where more than 60 have died in ethnic clashes.
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh Abby Sunderland looks out from her boat. Photo: January 2010
Poland is holding a suspected Israeli agent in connection with the murder of a Hamas operative in Dubai, reports say.
A 16-year-old US girl who ran into problems while trying to sail solo around the world is rescued in the Indian Ocean, officials say.
Ship recovering oil from spill site Picture of protests on 18 June 2009 posted on Twitter by a protester named as shadish173
UK PM David Cameron will discuss the Gulf of Mexico oil spill with US President Barack Obama, as pressure increases on BP.
Security is stepped up across Iran, witnesses say, a year after the disputed poll which re-elected President Ahmadinejad.

World Cup Celebrates Shared Human Passion

Even if we don't speak each other's languages, don't always appreciate and respect each other's cultures, religions, politics and lifestyle choices, "Goal!" is a word that resonates joyfully and is understood from Beijing to Bogota, Sydney to Seattle.

'A Flag of Truth in My Heart'
Burma Denies Having Nuclear Weapons Program
Hun Sen Profits from Suppression and Aid
Suu Kyi Says Burmese Have Right Not to Vote
World Cup Fever Comes to Burma
Five Irrawaddy Dolphins Found Dead

As a victim of racism and a sports fan, I urge all who play or simply watch sport to use the World Cup as a catalyst to call for global action against intolerance and racism.
— Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Webb's Mission a Lost Cause?

US Sen. Jim Webb learns the hard way that “engagement” with Burma's military regime is a treacherous business.
20,000 trees planted for Suu Kyi, 65
National League for Democracy party young members have started planting more than ...
Junta denies developing nuclear arms with N Korea
Burma’s military junta has strongly denied recent allegations made by Burmese media ...
Haulers allege big graft at city’s weigh stations
Cargo truck tonnage checkpoints are demanding exorbitant penalties from weight violators ...
Mon party to push for free market, development
All Mon Region Democracy Party chairman Nai Ngwe Thein said that in parliament it ... Ammonia cylinder explodes at ice factory in Rangoon
An ammonia gas tube exploded at an ice factory in Kamayut Township, Rangoon, ...
Blackouts unnerve Burma’s World Cup fans thumbnailBlackouts unnerve Burma’s World Cup fans
Football fans resorting to massage parlours and karaoke bars to circumvent electricity shortages that threaten to
 spoil the quadrennial competetion 

Trade unions claim rights abuses
Trade union coalition in Burma complains that the ruling junta is failing to abide by domestic law as it continues to imprison labour activists

Politicians call for election postponement thumbnail Politicians call for election postponement
Holding the elections in October would thwart campaign preparations and force civilians to vote for a party whose policies remain unclear

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