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Shahram Amiri, 13.07
An Iranian nuclear scientist who claims he was kidnapped and taken to the US by the CIA is on his way back to Tehran, Iran says.
Crates of oil are loaded on to the Amalthea at the Lavrio port in Greece on 9 July, 2010 Leaked video of July 2007 helicopter attack in Baghdad
A Libyan aid ship which aimed to break Israel's blockade of Gaza ends its journey in Egypt
The US tells the BBC how it believes an alleged whistle-blower obtained classified diplomatic data while on an army base in Iraq.
Oil barrels Colton Harris-Moore is escorted to the court in Nassau (13 July 2010)
Nigeria's huge state oil firm is insolvent with massive debts, a cabinet minister says - as the firm blames the government.
A US teenager dubbed the "Barefoot Bandit" is deported by the Bahamas, where he was captured following a high-speed boat chase.

Clinton Warns Burma on NKorea Cooperation

US Secretary of State warns Burma's military rulers against any cooperation with North Korea on a nuclear program and called on the junta to hold free and fair elections this year.

USDP Preparing to Fix the Vote

Burma's Union Solidarity and Development Party is reportedly conducting its own census in an apparent effort to influence the result of the general election.

Junta Stations New Missile Battalion on Border

Burma positions a new air defense missile battalion close to the southern Thailand-Burma border.

Thai PM Cancels Trip to Burma

Mutually conflicting schedules with Burmese leaders has caused the Thai PM to cancel his second planned trip to Burma.

Hydro-power Electricity Erratic in Shan State

Electricity distribution from Burma's Shweli Hydro-power Dam No. 1 in northern Shan State has not benefited local residents.

More of the Same at Asean Meeting

Six years ago before an Asia-Europe Meeting meeting in Hanoi, Nguyen Dy Nien, then Vietnam's foreign minister, promised that “Asean is trying to democratize Myanmar.”
NLD urges Canada to probe Ivanhoe over sanctions, driver
A National League for Democracy member of parliament elected in Burma’s annulled ...
India to keep silent on 2010 election, opposition says
The Indian government will be tight lipped regarding the upcoming 2010 Burmese ...Education ministry urges student support for junta-backed parties
The Education Ministry has urged students to vote for junta-backed parties in this year’s ...
USDP 'violating electoral law in poaching rival party members'
The Rangoon-based Union Democracy Party (UDP) alleges the Union Solidarity and ...Arakan State forced to import potatoes in wake of flooding
Flood affected areas of Arakan State in western Burma have been forced to import ...
Thais protest Burma migrant driving licenses thumbnail

Thais protest Burma migrant driving licenses

1000-strong group of taxi drivers in Ranong complain that the government's granting of driver licenses to Burmese migrants could threaten their jobs Clinton airs concerns over Burma-N Korea ties thumbnail

Clinton airs concerns over Burma-N Korea ties

Washington cites delivery of North Korean arms to Burma and recent nuclear allegations as signs of growing military ties between the two pariahs
Burmese FM ‘to run for parliament’ thumbnail

Burmese FM ‘to run for parliament’

Nyan Win tells ASEAN chief Surin Pitsuwan that he will stand for parliament this year, with analysts predicting he will join the ranks of the Burmese PM's party

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