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Dozens killed in China landslidesThe landslide-hit Zhouqu County of Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province

Landslides and floods engulf a town in north-west China, killing at least 127 people and leaving 2,000 others missing, state media say.

North Korea 'holds Southern boat'

A South Korean fishing boat missing in the Sea of Japan has been detained by the North, the South's coastguard says.
Rain adds to Pakistan flood woes
More heavy rain in Pakistan is frustrating efforts to help millions affected by devastating flooding in much of the country.
PM fails to convince

  1. Prime Minister Abhisit talked with them at length, but hardline activists said they would resume public protests on the Cambodian temple issue.

  2. Bid details unclear

    Six weeks to go before auction, and the 3G licences are getting more complicated, partly over vague efforts to keep foreign bidders at arm's length.

  3. Cigarette graft

    Two US companies say their agents paid 62 million baht in bribes to unnamed officials at the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly to win big contracts.

  4. Phone scammers busted

    Police are holding members of an alleged Taiwanese gang which phoned people and convinced them to give up 350 million baht via ATM machines.
Blast, Assassination Attempt Raise Border Tensions
The Burmese border town of Myawaddy is tense following a bomb blast that comes just one day after a failed attempt to assassinate senior Burmese military officials.

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