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UN seeks Pakistan flood aid boostPeople on a flooded road at Muzaffargarh district, Punjab province, Pakistan, on 19 August 2010

The UN is to urge a stronger global response for flood-stricken Pakistan at an emergency meeting in New York.
NDF drums up support across Burma thumbnail

NDF drums up support across Burma

Opposition party National Democratic Force opens new office in Mandalay as Burma's first elections in two decades draw closer DKBA officially becomes Border Guard Force thumbnail

DKBA officially becomes Border Guard Force

Some 600 troops from pro-government Karen militia are joined by Burma's intelligence chief and senior army officials at a ceremony to mark transformation US backs UN inquiry in Burma thumbnail

US backs UN inquiry in Burma

Obama’s administration to throw its weight behind a United Nations commission inquiring war crimes committed by the junta  
USDP anticipates majority victory in elections
Aung-Thaung-sWith less than three months before Burma’s first general election in two decades, an official from ...
Junta-backed party boasts it has only two main rivals
symbolOnly two parties are considered close contestants by the biggest junta-backed party competing for ... 
Railway ‘to abet junta’s war in Shan State’
railway-shan1sWA new railway in eastern Shan State is stoking fear of renewed heavy fighting between the Burmese ...
Win Tin presses Canada to support UN inquiry
win-tin-nldWin Tin, co-founder of Burma’s National League for Democracy, in an

NLD leaders conduct voter education campaign
cec1sBurmese main opposition force, the National League for Democracy, has recently embarked on ...

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