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Games head says more work neededIndian workers finish a pavement near Nehru Stadium in New Delhi on 25 September

The head of the Commonwealth Games Federation says "extensive work" is needed to ready the athletes' village for the opening of the Games on 3 October.

Chinese fishing boat captain Zhan Qixiong as he leaves Ishigaki airport, OkinawaChina apology demand turned down

Japan turns down China's demand for a formal apology for detaining a fishing boat captain for two weeks after a collision in disputed waters.

Sweden plane threat man arrested

A man is detained after a Pakistan-bound plane from Canada lands in Sweden because of a bomb threat.

Obama Urges Burma to Embark on Process of Reconciliation

The US president repeats his call for a free and fair election in Burma and the release of all political prisoners following a meeting with Asean leaders in New York.

Ban Seeks Asean Support on Burma

The UN secretary general urges Southeast Asian leaders to work together with the world body to ensure that Burma makes a transition to genuine democracy.

Kokang Seige Commanders Promoted

Burmese army commanders who played leading roles in last year's seige of Laogai are promoted to significant positions in the military heirarchy.

Weekly Business Roundup (September 25, 2010)

Plans announced by Cambodia to deliver mains electricity to most of the country by the end of 2013 will leave Burmese in the dark, say energy industry experts.

Suu Kyi Allowed To Vote

Burma's Election Commission allows Aung San Suu Kyi to vote despite an election law banning detainees from voting.
NUP Readies for Battle with USDP
The National Unity Party says it will not form an alliance with the junta-backed USDP, but will instead fight its ally for seats.
15-yr-old abducted in Rangoon thumbnail

15-yr-old abducted in Rangoon

Police are searching for information on boy who was abducted by three men and forced into a truck on Wednesday morning US diplomats meet the opposition thumbnail

US diplomats meet the opposition

State department officials meet with three opposition parties amid complaints of surveillance by Burmese intelligence agents Burma reaffirms ‘peaceful’ nuclear programme thumbnail

Burma reaffirms ‘peaceful’ nuclear programme

Delegate to annual IAEA conference tells audience that Burma supports non-proliferation and that nuclear programme is peaceful US-Asean summit ‘a chance for unity in policy on Burma’
Obama-sToday’s summit between US President Barack Obama and leaders from Southeast Asia is being heralded ...
Ireland weighs in on UN inquiry into Burma abuses
Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Brian Cowen’s Irish government has joined a growing list of Eurpoean Union ...
Five youth organisations form poll-boycott alliance
Saffron-invitationsFive youth organisations including the 2007-Generation All Burma Federation of Student Unions formed ...
Party canvassing on state media heavily censored
Than-Than-NuThe Burmese junta’s electoral watchdog has refused permits for at least three political parties seeking ...
Thai police charge men over arms theft, sale to Wa rebels
rpg7sThai authorities accused an artillery sergeant, two civilian military contractors and two other ...

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