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raqi detainees in Baquba, 2005
US officials call for prisoner abuse cases to be reopened, US media say, as details of a CIA "torture report" are due for release.

Greek firefighters battle wildfires that threaten areas north of Athens, but the worst danger seems to have passed.

Calls for a boycott of Scottish goods are made in the US following the decision to release the Lockerbie bomber.

In this image grab taken from a newscast on Libya's official television, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi (L) welcomes freed Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi (R) in Tripoli, 21 Aug 2009
Mon. 24 Aug 2009 1108 UTC

Scottish Parliament to Review Bomber Release

Parliament wants to grill Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill about his decision to release Abdel Baset al-Megrahi

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U.S. envoy Philip Goldberg talks to the media after meeting with Wi Sung-lac, South Korea's top nuclear envoy, at the Foreign Ministry in Seoul, Monday, 24 Aug. 2009

US Pushes to Enforce N. Korea Sanctions Audio Clip Available

However, Washington is leaving room for the South to revive its economic cooperation with Pyongyang

Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Michael Mullen gestures during a news conference at the Pentagon (File)

Administration Concerned About US Public Support for Afghan War Audio Clip Available

Admiral Mike Mullen says 'numbers are of concern,' as US press reports just over 50 percent of poll respondents say war in Afghanistan is not worth fighting

News conference of Afghan Independent Election Commission in Kabul (Daoud Ali Najafi, center)

Afghan Vote Results May Be Delayed Audio Clip Available

Head of Independent Election Commission, which counts votes, says 'complaints have to be adjudicated' before results can be announced

CIA headquarters in Virginia, VOA TV

US Justice Department Considers Criminal Prosecution of Interrogators

Move could expose CIA employees and agency contractors to criminal prosecution for alleged mistreatment of terror suspects

China's Inflated Opinion
Monday, August 24, 2009

Suu Kyi Asks for Return of Family Doctor

Burma's detained democracy leader wants her family physician reinstated as her primary doctor.

‘Than Shwe Should Be the First to Blink’: Diplomat

A Western diplomat close to US officials says that it is up to the Burmese junta’s senior leader to make the next move to improve relations with Washington.


Webb’s Tangled Message

Sen Jim Webb’s visit to Burma sent mixed signals about US intentions, while his meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi only served to muddle her views on engagement.

KNU Struggles to Acquire Arms

They’ve got the money, but nobody wants to sell weapons to the Karen National Union these days.

3 Dead in Alcohol Factory Fire

Three people died and 10 were injured in a fire at an alcohol factory in Hlegu Township near Rangoon on Saturday evening.

Oil Prices Climb above $74 on Recovery Hopes

Oil prices climbed above $74 a barrel in Asia amid spreading optimism about a global economic recovery.

Malaysia Mutes National Day Party as Flu Deaths Up

Malaysia will scale down its National Day celebration next week to curb the spread of swine flu, as the death toll from the virus rose to 69.
Yettaw Says Guards Let Him Enter Suu Kyi Compound
In his first full interview since leaving Burma, John Yettaw said that an armed security guard shook his hand as he entered Aung San Suu Kyi’s lakeside residence.

Censorship Board bans Phoenix

Burma’s Censorship Board banned the Rangoon-based Weekly Journal, Phoenix on August 21, citing violation of censorship rules and regulations. The Censorship Board,...

Elections in 2010 ‘opportunity for change’: ICG

Widespread criticism of the Burmese military junta’s proposed elections in 2010, notwithstanding the International Crisis Group said it is a chance for “possibilities of change”...

Domestic journals can quote NLD spokesman

Burma’s Censor Board has relaxed its stringent rules and allowed two Rangoon based weekly journals to quote the spokesman of the main opposition party the 'National League...

Max Myanmar Company awarded mining contract

The Burmese Ministry of Mines has awarded Max Myanmar Group of Companies, a domestic conglomerate owned by business tycoon Zaw Zaw, a contract to produce lime stone...

Editorial, Opinion and Analysis

A message to Mr. John Yettaw

(Letter to the Editor) You may not have heard yet about the many speculations of your trial - which ranges from a story that you intentionally collaborated...

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