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Yukio Hatoyama stands after a press conference in front of a white board full of red rosettes attached on victorious candidates' names, in Tokyo, early Monday, 31 Aug 2009
Mon. 31 Aug 2009 0608 UTC

Japanese PM Quits Party After Sweeping Rejection at Polls

Democratic Party of Japan surged to a 308-seat majority, all but confirming party leader Yukio Hatoyama as the country's next leader

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ISAF commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal (R), salutes ISAF soldiers during changing of command ceremony in Kabul on 10 Jul 2009

US, NATO Military Commander Offers Review on Afghanistan

US Army General Stanley McChrystal says he has delivered his assessment to US and NATO officials

A Pakistani paramilitary soldier stands next to a burning truck, loaded with supply for NATO forces fighting in Afghanistan, Monday, 31 Aug. 2009

Pakistan Blast Sets NATO Fuel Convoy Ablaze

Police suspect a bomb planted under a fuel tanker exploded late Sunday at the Chaman crossing in Baluchistan province

The Dalai Lama arrived in Taiwan surrounded by heavy security, 30 Aug 2009

Dalai Lama Promises No Politics While in Taiwan Audio Clip Available

Tibetan spiritual leader arrived in Taiwan late Sunday night, saying he was eager to give comfort to victims of Typhoon Morakot

An Afghan man washes his dishes in front of a poster of Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul, Afghanistan, 29 Aug 2009

Major Fraud Allegations Top 550 in Afghan Election

Latest official results from about one-third of polling stations show incumbent President Hamid Karzai leading with 46 percent of votes

US troops in Afghanistan, June 2009
A report by the top US general in Afghanistan says the US must revise its military strategy as the current one is not working.

Nearly 60% of African people living in Russia's capital Moscow have been the victim of racist attacks, a study says.

Walt Disney is to buy Marvel Entertainment in a shares and cash deal which will add 5,000 characters to the Disney stable.

New Japanese Gov’t Expected to be More Critical of Junta

The newly elected Democratic Party in Japan should be more supportive of the pro-democracy movement, activists say.

Grameen Shows Poorest of Poor Can Be Creditworthy

The global financial crisis has highlighted a curious success story: A bank that doles out loans to some of the world's poorest, least-creditworthy people continues to have a payback rate of nearly 100 percent.


Junta Sends Major Reinforcements to Shan State

The Burmese military junta sends heavy reinforcements to Shan State in preparation for conflict with armed ethnic ceasefire groups.

Border Guard Force Plan Leads to End of Ceasefire

The junta’s plan to create a border guard force from ethnic armies leads to the end of a decades-long ceasefire.

Flow of Burmese Refugees into China Dropping

The number of refugees crossing into China to escape fighting in Burma fell to a trickle as government forces appeared to have defeated an ethnic militia.

Economic Crisis Hits Burmese Migrant Women

The global financial crisis is threatening to shred the dreams of thousands of Burmese migrant women from Burma in Thailand, say activists.

New report details process of pervasive sexual trafficking and abuse of women along Thai-Burma border

Woman and Child Rights Project

August 31, 2009

The ongoing abuse of women through sexual trafficking is a “pervasive and arguably growing problem”, which is systemically bound to the economic mismanagement of the Burmese government, says the Woman and Child Rights Project (WCRP) in a report released this morning. In the 90 page report titled Nowhere Else To Go, the WCRP explores the systemic causes of sexual trafficking and the abusive journey the victims undergo.

Nowhere Else to Go, examines the tragic causes of sexual trafficking through a two-prong approach. Illuminating the root causes and push factors that have worked to drive women into positions of being sexually trafficked, the report cites “systemic and structural discrimination” and the, “harsh economic reality” of living under Burmese military rule, among the background causes.

Then, with analysis from interviews conducted with over 40 victims of trafficking between 2004 and 2009, the WCRP illustrates the journey of abuse women experience using three categories defined by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – “Act”, “Means” and “Purpose”. These categories detail the journey of victims, some as young as 10 years old, from their entrapment, abuse they experience through trafficking, to the final purpose for which they are trafficked.

Nowhere Else to Go comes at a crucial stage in women’s rights development. Within the next year the 2010 election will alter the political landscape of Burma, making these issues of pervasive abuse and ongoing sexual trafficking a major obstacle for a country hoping to appear as a legitimate democracy. “We have insufficient protection for women and children in Burma under the rule of law, so they suffer especially,” explains Nai Kasauh Mon, the director of Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM). Citing efforts by the current Junta to address the problem, he is troubled that still “no clear progress is made.”

Further Details:

Full PDF copies of Nowhere Else to Go can be downloaded at: http://www.rehmonnya.org

Hard copies of Nowhere Else to Go, as well as print-quality photos for news publication can be obtained by emailing wcrpcontact@yahoo.com.

Questions or requests for interviews in English, Mon and Burmese should be made by emailing wcrpcontact@yahoo.com; or calling Mi Jarai Non at +66 (0)833176 795.

About WCRP:

The Woman and Child Rights Project (WCRP) of Southern Burma, was founded in 2000 in order to monitor and protect the rights of women and children and focus international attention on Burma in order to pressure Burma’s military regime that has widely involved in violations of women’s rights. Its goals, additionally, are to educate and empower women and children to know about and engage in protecting these rights.

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