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Thousands flee S Pakistan floodsPakistani familes reaching Hyderabad - 22/08/2010

Tens of thousands of people in southern Pakistan are fleeing a threatened flood-surge, three weeks after heavy monsoon rains first hit the country.

Australia PM seeks coalition rule

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard contacts independent candidates as she begins trying to form a government after an inconclusive vote.

Iran unveils first bomber drone

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveils his country's first domestically built, unmanned bomber plane.

Sweden justifies Assange warrant New

Swedish prosecutors defend their decision to issue then withdraw a warrant against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on rape charges.

A Good Move by Washington

The US decision to begin consultations with key international and regional partners to support the establishment of a UN Commission of Inquiry into the Burmese junta's alleged crimes is a good move but it must be more than just symbolic.

Junta Rebuffs UWSA Again

The Burmese regime has reaffirmed that it will not recognize the United Wa State Army's claims to three townships that it wants to be part of its self-administered territory.

Mangrove Forest Under Threat in Post-Nargis Delta

Still deprived of their livelihoods more than two years after Cyclone Nargis, many in the Irrawaddy delta are turning to the region's mangrove forests for a readily exploitable resource.

Weekly Business Roundup (August 21, 2010)

The privatization of Burma’s state-owned assets ahead of the election is a hurried asset-stripping exercise reminiscent of Russia disposing of communism, says The Economist.

Cyberactivists Unblock Wikileaks for Thai Netizens

A group of anonymous Internet activists has set up a website to display information about Thailand that comes from the whistle-blower site Wikileaks.

A Big Break for US in Case of Reputed Arms Dealer

Victor Bout, the man accused of supplying the weapons for civil wars on three continents, could raise the roof in both Moscow and Washington.
Remembering Burma’s humanitarian workers
ocha(Interview) In a social atmosphere often held hostage to competing political agendas, Burma’s ...
Political prisoner denied surgery for 1½ years
Political prisoner Myo Win Wai, who voluntarily worked to collect the dead after ...
Burmese at Thai prawn plant strike against overtime change
Burmese migrant workers held a demonstration this morning at a prawn-processing ...
Burmese cuisine popular but ‘envoys lacked junta support’
shan_tohuBurmese traditional foods were a hit at a recent world food festival held by the Vietnamese government ...
USDP conducts nationwide office-opening ceremonies
open-ceremony-usdpssThe main junta-backed political party conducted an office-opening ceremony at party headquarters ...
NLD officially boycotts polls after strategic talks

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